Salon Philosophy

After years of going into various salons, spas, boutiques and nail bars, the owner of Petra identified that many of them had something consistently flawed within them and that was that they had an ideal of what a client should look like. Something thatemulated their distorted vision of beauty. She would walk in and feel awkward and self conscious at how the staff would look at her. Not young enough, not thin enough, not fashionable enough, not enough.

In a world and society where we all feel so much pressure to be thinner, more beautiful to conform and measure up, we have lost sight of beauty coming in so many differing forms. Whether that be the lustre of someone’s natural hair colour, their skin, their amazing eyes or an captivating smile, we each have our own sense of what beauty means to us.

Petra want their clients to feel and know that to us Beauty has No Boundaries and we want all of our clients to walk in and feel that they are our ideal client. Their time in our salon should be about self care, me time and having fun. Our stylists and Make Up Artists creating the look that will give them ultimate confidence. Guiding them on what will work and suit and not giving false platitudes on what wont.  Ultimately, we want all of our wonderful clients leaving feeling just that.....Wonderful.